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Sometimes as a shed company we can get too focused on cutting build costs in order to increase profits. This too often leads to low quality sheds with no personalized design. These sheds tend to fail to sufficiently help the customer. At NuHaus, we believe our customers deserve the best quality possible. That’s why we work directly with you to create the highest quality shed that perfectly fits your needs.

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Craft your dream shed with our Shed App, where you can visualize and personalize every detail in 3D, from color choices to storage solutions. Whether you're tweaking our standard designs or creating a unique layout, see it come to life in lifelike 3D, ensuring your shed perfectly suits your needs and aesthetics.

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the shed app model
before getting a shed, the site being prepped with stakes and wood
during, site being prepped ready for equipment to be used
after, shed with beamed porch and ramp at side door

Before. During. After.

Along with creating the highest quality shed in the industry, we also wanted to give our customers the best shopping experience in the industry. If the shed you want requires permits or site preparation, we’ll help you apply for the correct permits. If you want personalized features, we’ll make sure to include them in the design. And if you need repairs or maintenance tips, we’re here to help. Shopping with us makes it easy to create the backyard you’ve always dreamed of having.

smart siding shed with double doors and raised on one side
A smart siding shed with metal roof.
tan smart siding shed with double doors and ramp
A green shed with double doors.
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Bring home your dream shed from NuHaus:


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Design your structure.


We build and deliver it.

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Ensure a solid foundation for your outdoor structures with our comprehensive site preparation services, paving the way for a flawless installation.

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gray shed with double doors and metal roof
A green shed with double doors.
grey smart siding shed with metal roof and double doors
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