Shed with metal roof and front barn door

Shed size calculator

Shed Size Calculator

Welcome to our Shed Size Calculators! We are pleased to offer these two tools to help help simplify the process of buying a shed.

The first is our Square Footage Calculator. When estimating the size of your new shed, it's important to consider both external and internal square footage.

The internal square footage accounts for factors such as wall thickness and other construction materials, making it slightly less than the external square footage. Understanding this is important for accurate space planning.

Our calculator simplifies this process, helping to enhance your planning and decision-making.

Outside Square Footage:
Approximate Inside Square Footage:

Shed Size Estimator

Asking yourself "What Size Shed Do I Need?" No worries! That's why we are pleased to offer this simple-to-use Shed Size Estimator!

Just check the items below that you plan to store in your new shed and we'll recommend a size (small, medium or large) for you.

If you would like more assistance, you can contact us anytime and we will be happy to assist!

Recommended Size:

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