4 Benefits of Buying a Shed Direct From NuHaus Outdoors

When it comes to building a shed for your backyard—whether you’re looking to use it for storage, a workshop, a clubhouse for the kids, or any number of other reasons—you have plenty of options.

You can choose to build it yourself, which can be fulfilling but something that very few people have the time and know-how to do. Another option is to head to the big-box or home improvement store in your area and pick out a shed that’s sitting in the parking lot.

There is an added convenience to this option. Still, you’re going to pay more because there’s a middleman involved (Home Depot or Lowe’s, for example), and you also won’t get exactly what you want—you must pick from the models that they have, regardless of whether it meets your specific needs.

The perfect middle ground to either option is to consider buying your shed direct from a manufacturer. NuHaus Outdoors works with you every step of the way when it comes to meeting your needs and expectations.

Then, we will build your shed at our site and deliver it to you once it’s ready to install—you don’t have to worry about anything else!

Looking more closely at the matter, four benefits of buying a shed direct from a manufacturer become quite evident.

Saves You Time

Once you order a shed through NuHaus Outdoors, all you will have to do is prepare a foundation, schedule the delivery, and then fill the shed! The only other thing you will need to do is contact an electrician to come out and hook-up power to the shed if you choose that option.

No Tools or Know-How Necessary

If you choose the to-do-it-yourself route, you will need to know how to build a shed and the tools to get the job done. With nuHaus, we do it all for you.

A Design That Takes Your Input into Account

Your first step when considering a nuHaus Outdoors shed should be a visit to one of our two sales centers. Failing that, you can talk with a design specialist over the phone or even get a custom quote online.

Through this consultation, you can select the dimensions of the shed that are right for you. After that, the options for customization are nearly endless. Pick your style and number of doors, windows, the color of the shed itself, the type of roof, indoor options like shelving and electricity, and so much more.

We’ll also help you through any permits that you might need to obtain to have a shed placed on your property.

Buy With Confidence

When selecting a shed direct from NuHaus Outdoors, you can be assured that you’re getting top-quality materials and expert workmanship.

Our superior building materials include LuxGuard, a proprietary seamless rubber floor that prevents odors, staining, and rotting, a radiant heat barrier that keeps indoor temperatures cooler, and the superior structural strength in the floor, walls, and rafters.

We also take care of you after the fact with superior customer service. If we disappointed you in any way, do not hesitate to tell us, and we’ll always be available to provide you with maintenance and repair as needed.

Call NuHaus Outdoors Today!

The benefits we listed above are just a few of the reasons why you should buy a shed direct from NuHaus Outdoors. Send us an email at email@nuhausoutdoors.com or call (330) 778-3040 to speak with our experts.

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