6 Ideas for a Perfect She Shed

You’ve probably heard of the man-cave craze, but a place for women has increased in popularity in recent years as well, including a catchy name—The She Shed.

Given that sheds are our specialty, NuHaus Outdoors is happy to share six different ideas if you would like to create a space for yourself on your property, whether you’re looking for a quiet place of solitude or an area to use for socializing.

Arts and Crafts Shed

If your hobby involves arts and crafts, it would be great to have a place dedicated to your hobby along with one spot to have space to enjoy your craft, hold all the supplies, and have room to display some of your creations. The chances are that you wouldn’t be able to do this too easily in your home, but a She Shed would be perfect for keeping all of the things in one place year-round.

Cozy Reading Nook

Do you enjoy getting away and curling up with a throw pillow and good book? Create a relaxing reading nook complete with comfortable furniture blankets during cooler weather, and even install bookshelves so you can store all of your favorite books. Our sheds can be temperature-controlled, so the heat during the summer won’t ruin your home library.

Woman Cave

When you think of a man cave, it’s an extension of the living room. Couches, recliners, TVs, video games—you name it. But the fun shouldn’t be limited to men. If this is your idea of relaxation, then go ahead and make it happen in your she shed.

Exercise Shed

Having a dedicated place to work out can turn exercise from a chore into something that you look forward to. The possibilities are also nearly limitless. You can store your shed with weights and machines if that’s your thing, or go with cardio equipment like a treadmill or even a Peloton. Alternatively, you can turn your shed into a yoga studio. Regardless of its function, this can also be a money-saving move by ditching the cost of a gym membership.

Winter Escape Shed

Similar to the reading nook or woman cave, creating a respite from the harsh winter weather is an inviting theme. You can even get neighbors and friends involved and create an area that’s perfect for a little socializing during those chilly winter nights.

Home Office Shed

Whether you’re a long-time worker who’s been self-employed or if you’re part of the work-from-home crowd since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, why not create a separate space as a boundary between your work and home life? All you need is a desk for writing or to keep your laptop on, a comfortable chair, perhaps a loveseat or daybed as an area to take a break, and some decorations on the wall to give it your own personal office design!

These are just some ideas—a NuHaus Outdoors shed is a blank canvas for your needs. To get started, visit one of our Shed Sales Centers or contact one of our specialists so we can work on designing your custom She Shed today!