6 Reasons Why You Should Work From Home in a Cottage Shed

More than ever, people are working from home. And for many of them, they have set up makeshift office spaces in the corner of a bedroom, dining room, or kitchen table. Even if you have a dedicated office where you work from home, there’s a lot to be said for having a space separate from your house where you go to work. A cottage shed, set up in your back yard, can be customized to suit your work needs — it can be wired with electricity and Wi-Fi, decorated to your taste, and set up for your exact workflow. Here are six great reasons why you should be working from home in a cottage shed:

  1. Boost productivity. By leaving your house, but not leaving your property, you can focus more specifically on the task at hand. When you work outside of your home, you’re able to be more productive than you would be with all the homey distractions inside your house.
  2. Help you focus. Without office noises and disruptions of coworkers, you’ll be in a veritable working paradise. Your time is your own in solitude, so you won’t be interrupted mid-project and forget what you were doing.
  3. Get out of the house. There’s a lot to be said for physically stepping outside of your home when it comes to getting work done. A change of scenery is a welcome change for many work-from-home employees, and it allows you to create a necessary separation from work and home life.
  4. Get creative. Having a cottage workspace means you can decorate it to exactly your taste. Do you love bright, LED lights when you’re working? Or maybe you prefer a more tranquil environment with natural light, plants, and a comfortable chair to get your work done. Whatever your taste, working from a cottage shed means you get to create your dream workspace.
  5. Use it as an actual office. Are you someone who often meets with clients to discuss work? While the local coffee shop is a good excuse to get a jolt of caffeine while working, it’s not always the optimal environment for conducting business. With a professional cottage workspace, you can meet with clients in a distraction-free, quiet space.
  6. No frustrating commute. This one seems self-explanatory — when your office is in the backyard, there’s no more stressful driving to and from work. You’ll save your sanity (and gas money!) when your morning commute is just a few steps out the back door.

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