The 9 Most Popular Shed Upgrades

One of the best parts of collaborating with NuHaus Outdoors on creating the perfect shed for you, your yard, and your lifestyle is that you can create exactly what you want. Our sheds are built-to-order; it’s not a pre-fabricated shed that you pick out of a lot.

To help get your creative juices flowing when it comes to picturing your backyard shed, we are listing nine of our most popular shed upgrades.

50-Year Floor

This floor is designed to withstand moisture without flaking and swelling like your typical OSB flooring. Our 50-Year Floor was designed for residential construction and can withstand adverse weather even during the construction period and have it not affected the integrity of the product.

Seamless Rubber Flooring

If you like to keep your shed floor clean, you will want to upgrade to LuxGuard, our proprietary flooring. This workhorse floor offers maximum protection from moisture and rotting. It’s made with seamless textured rubber, so that means a total barrier from odors, stains, or potential rotting. LuxGuard has a fiberglass backing and comes with an extra layer of wood for triple the amount of protection and strength.

Radiant Heat Barrier

Is your shed exposed to the sun? Will you be spending time inside your shed in the summertime? If so, the Radiant Heat Barrier is designed to reduce solar heat gain to keep temperatures inside the shed cooler.

Poly Ramp

If you need to move things in and out of your shed, you will want to add a poly ramp. This ramp is made for things like riding lawn mowers, snowblowers, or other small vehicles. Unlike wood ramps, the textured poly surface will keep you safe from slips or falls.

Magnetic Door Stops

It can be frustrating to try and prop or otherwise keep the doors open if you’re by yourself and hauling things in and out of the shed. Our magnetic door stops will snap into action to keep doors in place instead of swinging right into your way.

Solar Lights

Put that sunlight to good use and keep your electric bills in check with our motion-activated solar lights that will draw energy from the sun to add lighting in and around your shed.


Aloft can add plenty of storage space to the interior of your shed. Depending on the size and shape of the shed, a loft can increase floor space inside the shed by up to 50%.

Insulation and Paneling

Would you like to use your shed for a she-shed or man cave? How about a hunting cabin? With the addition of insulation and paneling, your shed can be converted into more than just a storage shed. If you would like additional climate control, you can choose to add air conditioning and baseboard heat. These will add comfort in case you plan to spend lots of time in the shed or use it as a clubhouse for your kids.

Electrical Package

If solar lights aren’t enough, we can outfit your shed with full electrical capability. This includes a breaker box, tamper-proof receptacle, GFCI receptacle, light switch, interior, and exterior lighting, and an exterior GFCI receptacle. All you have to do is make sure that a licensed electrician can connect power to the 100-amp breaker box.

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