Everything You Need to Know About Tool Sheds

In addition to storing lawn equipment, a place for a homeowner’s tools is one of the most common reasons people are looking to invest in a shed on their property.

Tool sheds are generally one of the smaller ones you will see, making the cost more affordable. A smaller size also means that it will likely be more compatible with your yard space. And the best part about a tool shed from NuHaus Outdoors is that you can customize the interior to store whatever you need and keep it organized simultaneously.

The Exterior

You can choose SmartSide (that gives the shed a wood look) and buy with confidence, knowing that behind the surface are wall studs, floor joists, and rafters every 16 inches instead of the more standard 24. We also use hurricane ties to connect the roof and walls, so the stability of our structure is never a concern.

SmartSide is low-maintenance, is fire retardant, can match most house exteriors, and can be pressure-washed to a like-new shine.

Vinyl siding is another choice. The double 4″ Dutch Lap Vinyl Siding is a traditional-looking, low-maintenance siding product that carries the natural wood grain look. It holds its beautiful, vibrant colors while being affordable, and it comes in a variety of colors to create the perfect look for your tool shed. Compared with wood siding, it won’t warp, crack or rot under extreme weather settings.

The Size

At NuHaus Outdoors, our smallest standard option is 8×12 feet. While it doesn’t sound big, you can store all your basic tools and storage items inside and still have room for a standard push lawn mower, some power equipment, rakes, ladders, and more.

If you need a little more space, even just adding two feet to buy a 10×12-foot shed will give you enough space for a riding mower or snowblower plus other small-wheeled devices like a garden tiller and power washer.

The Inside

The interior of the shed is where you get to pick what you want. All sheds feature the stiffest floor in the industry—2×6 floor joists that provide twice the protection of 2x4s that most other shed-makers use—and LuxGuard, our proprietary flooring material, made from seamless textured rubber that prevents rotting, stains, and bad odors coming in from underneath the structure. Interior upgrades include a 2-foot-deep workbench, three-tier shelves that are 1-foot deep, a pegboard, and a loft for additional storage space.

If you prefer to have electricity in your shed, we can provide the breaker box, tamper-proof receptacle, GFCI receptacle, light switch, interior lights, and exterior lights. All you have to do is have an electrician provide you with a place to hook up the power.

Trust NuHaus Outdoors with All Your Tool-Shed Needs

You can go the do-it-yourself route if you have the time and know-how, and it seems like it would be simple to buy a shed at a big-box home improvement store. Still, you will be sacrificing quality and the ability to customize your shed to your needs and specifications.

We build each shed ourselves, so you have input in it right from the beginning. Then you don’t have to worry about anything else, as we build the shed and deliver the completed product to you.

To start a conversation about a tool shed that might be best for you, contact the NuHaus Outdoors Shed Sales Center by either visiting us or calling at (330) 778-3040 or (740) 281-2201 today!